My passion for Ronda and the Serranía

My passion for Ronda and the Serranía

So the puente has come and gone and sadly the streets of Ronda return to the days of lockdown or at least similar to those days.

Once again I find myself walking around the quiet empty streets and asking myself what will become of Ronda and so many of the small villages if nothing is done in an attempt to defeat this COVID-19 crisis.

It is clearly not going to get any better yet I fail to see anyone making any steps to change what may be a very bleak winter and also for the future summer months of next year!

I get the feeling whilst talking with my friends and business owners they have weakened or surrendered to the way our lives are being led by this terrible outbreak of this unknown enemy that in turn will be forcing everyone into perhaps closure and ruin. Not only ruin of the businesses themselves but possibly the loss of years of very hard work in gaining a worldwide reputation in the tourist world for Ronda and surrounding villages!

A hard reputation to build yet oh so easy to lose!

What can be done I ask myself?

It is easy for everyone to fall into acceptance and become a failed unit but I do see and pray for the possibilities of perhaps a joint effort of all businesses in general along with the help of the Town Hall in creating some sort of marketing focussing on internal tourism to help endure the winter months ahead and preparing for the future summer season next year.

Ronda is so well equipped for a high standard of tourism! I sincerely think everyone should pull together to prepare for what could be nothing less than failure, defeat and perhaps ruin for many, the town included!

This, of course, is easy for me to say as a person from overseas but loving this town and Andalucia is nothing short than soul-destroying for me, never mind the small businesses and local people alike!

Everyone needs to help in the search for solutions to this dreadful situation that confronts us all! I apologise to all for my perhaps interference in local affairs, it is simply my feelings towards this magnificent town and its local people!

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