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Pujerra has had a town council since 1814 when Fernando VII bestowed up on  the category of independent town thanks to the heroic participation of Pujerreños in the defense of the Serrania against the French invaders.

Hello and welcome to all those internet users who have reached this page. I am the mayor of this beautiful village – Jimera de Líbar. If you’ve browsed this website, you may have found our village to be like a wild pearl embedded in the…

You can find the Town Hall in the main square of the village.  Feel free to visit us if you need any information . We will do our best to help you.

José Manuel López Gutierrez is the Mayor of this pretty white village located just off  the Ronda-Algeciras road.

Maria Dolores Bullón Ayala is the Mayoress of this village located in the high Genal Valley, 17 km from Ronda.

The Mayor of this pretty village near Ronda is Francisco Javier Anet.

Maria Auxiliadora Sánchez González is the Mayoress of the smallest village of Malaga province.

Eugenio Márquez Villanueva is the Mayor of this attractive white village in the Genal Valley.

The Mayoress of this village is Soraya García Mesa. Benaoján is located in the Grazalema Natural Park.

The Mayor of Benarrabá is Silvestre Barroso Jarillo.

The Mayor of this village, also known as the Balcony of the Serrania, is Pedro Godino Martín.

Francisco Javier Benito Tirado is the Mayor of this pretty village located in the north of the Serrania de Ronda.

The Mayor of Cortes de la Frontera is José Damián García Berbén. It is the largest town of the Serrania de Ronda. Ayuntamiento de Cortes de la Frontera  

Fernando Fernández Bautista is the Mayor of Faraján, a  white mountain village located on the right side of the Genal River.

Miguel Angel Herrera Gutierrez is the Mayor of Genalguacil,  a village which is an open air Art Museum.

Igualeja is the village where the Genal River is born. The Mayor is Francisco Escalona Macías.

David Sánchez Muñoz leads the Town Hall of Jubrique, a white mountain village in the Genal Valley.

The Mayor of this village called “Smurf Village” is Francisco Lozano Fernández. Júzcar was painted blue after Sony pictures promoted the film “Smurfs 3D” in this village, and since then, it has become really popular.

Miguel Ayala García is the Mayor of this white village which has recently become independent from Ronda.

Montejaque is located on the west side of Ronda Serrania,and also belongs to the Natural Park of “Sierra de Grazalema”. The Mayor of this pretty white village is Diego Sánchez Sánchez.