Júzcar is situated in the Valle del Genal. The municipality is situated approximately 22 kilometres from Ronda. The town had been one of the White Villages of Andalucia, with buildings traditionally whitewashed. But in spring 2011, buildings in the town (including the church and gravestones) were painted smurf-blue by Sony Pictures to celebrate the premiere of the Smurfs movie. 4,000 litres of paint were used. In December 2011, Sony offered to repaint the town white. Citizens voted to leave the buildings painted blue, as an estimated 80,000 tourists visited in the six months following the repainting. The town normally had seen 300 tourists per year.

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AIL (Agente de Innovación Local): Natalia Fernández

The Mayor of this village called “Smurf Village” is Francisco Lozano Fernández. Júzcar was painted blue after Sony pictures promoted the film “Smurfs 3D” in this village, and since then, it has become really popular.

Pharmacist: Pilar Tabuyo Enriquez