Approaching Igualeja along the road which leads off the San Pedro de Alcántara to Ronda highway near the Sierra de las Nieves, the traveller is met with a superlative view of the Genal Valley, as it is here, at the entrance to the village, that the river which flows through one of Andalusia's most spectacular valleys has its source. Another interesting feature of Igualeja is that legend and tradition combine here to produce the figure of the generous highwayman. Zamarrita, Juan el Nene, Flores Arrocha and Pedro Flores, all born in Igualeja, all bandits or outlaws who commited violent crimes, are seen from the point of view of legend as mythical characters who protected the weak from the oppression of those in power.

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AIL (Agente de Innovación Local): Mariana Rodríguez

The crystal clear water that forms the Genal river appears in torrents from the depths of a beautiful hollow on the outskirts of Igualeja. The water cascades down a series of waterfalls and past a cafe restaurant that is open all year round.…

Pharmacist: Jose María González Rodríguez

Igualeja is the village where the Genal River is born. The Mayor is Francisco Escalona Macías.