Pura Vida “La Tienda Verde”, Gaucín

Pura Vida “La Tienda Verde” in Gaucín, Genal Valley and its beautiful surroundings.

We are Mar Blanco and Jorge Carretero.  We have been living in this Serranía de Ronda between Algatocín and Gaucín for 6 years.  Starting this project is a continuation of our daily life, as we are dedicated to Agriculture and Permaculture.

We believe in a change of paradigm and consciousness with our planet, which feeds us with everything we need. We are lovers of tradition and consider ourselves indigenous to this land we love so much.

Our project has been based in Gaucín since August 2019.

Pura Vida “La Tienda Verde” and since then we are redecorating the Eco-Shop, taking care of the details, researching in depth the local suppliers in ecological/traditional, of Denomination of Origin of the region. We have a Rich Earth, in taste and smell that overwhelms the senses.

We are creating a project where we are going to orient ourselves little by little in “Bulk”, we want to return to those times where plastics did not exist and we reused everything, and it was not synonymous with lack, but with common sense.

We are committed to a simple, warm life and to an integral health that embraces body, soul and spirit, invoking the simplicity though life is already complicated, so we are waiting for you in our Eco-Shop, with great affection.

We are the only Eco-Shop in Malaga, (for now), catalogued in Local Product and Kilometre “0”.  We believe that doing ecology and taking care of our land is to contribute and support the local product (less consumption of petrol, less kilometre made by food, less packaging, refrigeration…) and with all this, we support the local economy.

But as life is a balance there is also a percentage (20%) of products from outside the Peninsula.  We collaborate with Ideas Comercio Justo and with them we support projects around the world, but the best thing is to come to the shop and we tell you about it in person.

In our Eco-Shop you will find traditional products for all food tastes.  Also, to take care of the new times and intolerances, we embrace gluten-free, lactose-free, sugar-free and vegan-friendly products with great affection.  We have a fridge for vegans and another one for meat and dairy eaters.  In this way, we believe that we take care of the food variety without giving priority to anything, but rather welcoming it.  We think it’s nice to take care of our customers.

Every week, on Tuesdays, we receive organic bread (German, Rye, Spelt, Corn and Chia, Gluten Free and Yeast Free…) in different formats (Loaf, Squared and Molletes) from our bakers, “Al-Pan Horno Artesano” from Cortes de la Frontera and “Panadería Pan Piña Horno de Leña” from Algatocín.

Every Wednesday we receive the freshly harvested Organic and seasonal Fruits and Vegetables and Organic Eggs.

Our suppliers are from Salitre (Algatocín), La Serranía de Ronda and Coín “La Familia Hevilla” certified.

And every Wednesday we also have a group of consumers from La Serranía who request boxes of vegetables from us and we include everything they ask for.  We also make orders to order and deliver to your home if you need it.

Our Eco-Shop is 70% Food, 15% Home and Personal Hygiene Products, 10% Traditional and World Crafts and a part of the Health Library.

We also have “Parcel Service”, sending and collecting parcels for those people who live far away in the mountains and the mail doesn’t arrive.

Something very important that we offer is a personalised, quality service, as we feel that caring for people also nourishes and feeds.

We await your visit.

A warm hug.

Mar & Jorge

Pura Vida “La Tienda Verde” from Gaucin.

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