Lots going on in Ronda for culture vultures

Lots going on in Ronda for culture vultures

There’s such a lot going on in and around Ronda at the moment for culture vultures Paul and Rita Whitelock

Friday 12 November 2021

FASHION Show – clothes by Karele Shop, Magenta, One O’clock, Colette, El Diván de Frida and N de Nati

Convento de Santo Domingo, Ronda. 20.00 hours. Tickets FREE from APYMER

What a treat: slick and professional. 

Saturday 13 November 2021

“LORCA, POETA FLAMENCO” – flamenco show paying homage to Federico García Lorca

Teatro Vicente Espinel, Ronda. 19.00 hours (also at 21.00 hours) Tickets 10€ from Casa de la Cultura, Ronda

This was a fantastic 90 minutes of flamenco: Miguel Lorca and his students entertained us with dance, while singers Ainhoa Pérez and Ana Cristina Mata sang and clapped vigorously. The whole was held together by a trio of outstanding musicians: Curro Bautista on grand piano, Roberto Spanó on guitar and Jesús Urda on drums.

The theatre was packed. I’d never seen it so full even before Covid-19 hit us. And boy, did the fans appreciate it. ‘Olés’ punctuated the quiet moments and the applause was frequent and sustained. Miguel even got a clap for one of his outfits!

Friday 19 November 2021

“De hienas y perros o el eco de los caníbales” – a play on the theme of refugees fleeing from war, violence, misery, exploitation and fear.

Teatro Vicente Espinel, Ronda, 20.00 hours. Tickets FREE on the door.

This was a treat. Beautifully staged and directed with excellent use of the cyclorama to set the scenes of rough sea, bad weather, prison and abandoned footwear.  The soundtrack added perfectly to the whole. The props were minimalist but enough and the five female actors moved and delivered their lines brilliantly

At 65 minutes it was just right. Shame about the poor attendance – only about 30 in the audience.

Highly recommended.

Saturday 20 November 2021

“Universo Cádiz”

Recital by flamenco singer David Palomar with his show “Universo Cádiz”.
Teatro Vicente Espinel at 20:30. Tickets free on the door.

Organised by the Delegación de Cultura.

Friday 26 November

“Tomatito, + que Flamenco”

Teatro Vicente Espinel at 21:00
Tickets: 10 € for sale at www.giglon.com and Casa de la Cultura.#

Organised by the Delegación de Cultura.
Sponsored by the Instituto Andaluz del Flamenco de la Consejería de Cultura y Patrimonio Histórico de la Junta de Andalucía.

Wednesday 24 November 2021

“FEMENINO PLURAL” – a brand new musical-theatre production based on female characters from the plays of Federico García Lorca

Teatro Vicente Espinel at 20.00 hours. Tickets FREE from Casa de la Cultura, Ronda.

Saturday 27 November 2021

Concierto “Una noche de cine” – professional musicians play songs and soundtracks from Hollywood films

Teatro Vicente Espinel at 20.30 hours. Tickets 5€ from Casa de la Cultura, Ronda or www.giglon.com

We plan to fit tapas or cena around each event. We’re thinking of old favourites like Las Maravillas, La Tropicana, De Locos Tapas, Bodega San Francisco (Barrio version) and El Almocábar.

On Friday we dined on sushi in Miyagi Express Sushi Bar on Calle Jerez. Dee-lish-ous! About 50€ for two, including drinks.

On Saturday it was the aforementioned Las Maravillas on Calle La Bola (Espinel). Foolishly, we hadn’t booked and it was full inside and out. There was a waiting list. We were fifth on it.

We went for a stroll and had an aperitif in Bar Volapié round the corner. By the time we got back to the restaurant our table was ready. As always, it was worth the wait. Again, around 50€, including drinks.

We won’t be going to De Locos Tapas, unfortunately. I discovered that it has closed down, probably for good, because of the continuing serious illness of owner Guillermo. We wish him well.

We’re also planning to visit the new Restaurante El Escudero on the circunvalación (bypass), but that’s probably better at lunchtime so that we can sit on the terrace and enjoy the fabulous views of Ronda.

As far as I know, there are still tickets available for the events still to come. Maybe see you there?

Advance Notice

Friday 3 December

Zambomba Flamenca “Así canta Jerez en Navidad”

Teatro Vicente Espinel at 20:30

Tickets: 10 € on sale at www.giglon.com and the Casa de la Cultura

Friday and Saturday 14 and 15 January 2022

Tickets are on sale for Proyecto Platea’s production of El enfermo imaginario (Le Malade Imaginaire) by Moliere. Friday and Saturday 14 and 15 January 2022.

Available at Intersport Cary, Calle La Bola and Miyagi Express Sushi Bar, Calle Jerez.

We got ours earlier this week (Monday 15 November) and the tickets are selling like hotcakes. Best be quick!

Paul Whitelock

About Paul Whitelock

Paul Whitelock is a retired former languages teacher, school inspector and translator, who emigrated to the Serranía de Ronda in 2008, where he lives with his second wife, Rita. He spends his time between Montejaque and Ronda doing DIY, gardening and writing.