Ronda in crisis?

Ronda in crisis?

Hello everyone. It was my fullest intentions to continue with my articles “Passion for Ronda” but I guess there is no need to explain to everyone why I choose not to at present… even although my feelings have not changed in the slightest.

Perhaps I should now name my article “My Fears for Ronda”?

I – like so many – are now seeing the results of all these restrictions and lockdowns placed upon us all and it saddens me immensely to see on a daily basis the crumbling infrastructure and atmosphere of this beautiful town.

It is now so noticeable in the faces and the expressions of the local townsfolk the impact and the pressures all this brings to everyone’s lives, their livelihood, their family life and their businesses!

I feel as though I want to scream out in frustration on behalf of all business owners, many who are good friends, who dutifully open their businesses daily only to look forward to long fruitless days knowing the doors to Ronda are closed to visitors and an even shorter working day having to close at a totally illogical time (6pm in the afternoon).

This must be soul-destroying for everyone, many who have fought to gain a good reputable name for their business. Many of these businesses have probably been family established for many years.

It is so difficult and sad to have to sit back and watch all this happening.

I see more and more places closing down and it appears nothing can be done to prevent these closures.

I was honoured to be present at the reunion organised by the business community and was glad to hear some positive arguments being discussed and also the arrangements being planned for the following days protest march from Plaza de Socorro.

This is the only way to continue to unite and join strength but perhaps should be coordinated with surrounding villages and even further afield as a national protest? Being a person from abroad it may not be my place to suggest such things and I may be wrong and that these things are perhaps being organised already?

One thing for sure is there is not one established business that can continue with these unnecessary restrictions, it is impossible! I pray for all concerned in business for the people of Ronda and the surrounding villages for some glimpse of hope plus some sort of support from local authorities for solutions to all this. I only wish I could help in some way!

Ronald Watt

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