Fears for Ronda, the surrounding areas, Andalucía and Spain in general

Fears for Ronda, the surrounding areas, Andalucía and Spain in general

For some days I have been postponing writing this post, mainly due to my lack of words or understanding in trying to explain everything. I want to say actually words towards the total confusion being installed in the whole population with this pandemic. I now fear my next post will be titled “The collapse of Ronda, surrounding areas, Andalucia and Spain in general”!

If there was any logic in any of these restrictions being laid down by the authorities perhaps everyone could work together and seek solutions. Groups are not allowed to gather to discuss these problems and allow them to take the necessary steps to save their business and livelihoods! I wonder why?

As there are no logic nor correct guidance people are being forced into bankruptcy and poverty at an alarming rate! The damage being done by these restrictions are enormous and probably beyond repair in most cases which makes us all wonder what outcome the authorities have planned for all of us and every single town and village? I expect “none”!

We can no longer put faith in the media for correct information, absolutely no news is trustworthy, most news is contradictory from one day to another! The social media is rife with fake news and statistics with the end result being even more confusion.

I do in my teachings believe that this is an extraordinary task for any government to solve but is that not why they are in the position they are? To protect and lead us? I really wish someone could clarify the movements and steps being taken by individual authorities. Nothing quite adds up with any real logic towards defeating this invisible “plandemic”!

Only this week they have extended the restrictions put in place where all our small business has to continue to close at 6pm in the afternoon! I beg anyone to please clarify why closing any businesses in any of the towns, especially where tourism is the main revenue, why closing at six in the afternoon prevents the spread of Covid? How can the deadline of six o’clock which stops us from

· Having a coffee
· Having a cup of tea
· Having an alcohol drink
· Having a meal
· Buying cigarettes

The amusing thing is you CAN buy toys! Astonishing to say the least. Christmas is coming so toys can be sold yet everyone is in ruin and will not be able to afford the usual treats for the children! What on earth does buying cigarettes have to do with preventing Covid?

All of the above is affecting the livelihoods of many people who have run their businesses for many years, it is destroying many well-reputed businesses! These restrictions make absolutely NO sense in any way at all!

The prevention of the spread of this Covid has become a fiasco for many people, the reason being is our supposed leaders appear to be lost in the same fake news we all are. It does appear that way I hate to say. Do they not have worldwide experts who are supposed to guide us all? This is where we seem to be in “A world” full of confusion as not one single country actually abides by one given rule. Every country does how it feels best yet it is a WORLD PANDEMIC! Should there not be one given overall rule and precautions used as guidelines for all countries? It all makes the Pandemic seem very strange don’t you think? It almost makes one start to believe many of the conspiracy theories that we read about on a daily basis. Of course, we read these theories and the majority will disregard them simply because they are far too far-fetched to believe?

Something which is true in all the coverage and statistics published by the media to us all is that obviously there is something we are not being told. I hate to guess what that may be! This is one very vicious cycle that is destroying the world as we know it!

This vicious cycle affected me way back at the beginning of the pandemic in March. I only point this out to show just how destroying tourism in the town of Ronda, surrounding areas, everywhere in general in fact affects everyone. My business depends very much on tourism, in fact, my business was built on the great reputation of Ronda and the villages. It gave me great pleasure to boast this beautiful town and villages to my clients who were searching for their new homes in Andalucia. It was my pride and joy to be honest and being able to show the “Real Spain” to our friends from overseas! These people became the lovers and clients of many of the businesses, restaurants and hotels here, no doubt about it.

I have lost all that now with enormous regret. The vicious cycle I refer to is the roll-on effect all this has on everyone.

Two of my favourite businesses this week have told me they are being pressurized to pay electricity and water bills and threatened at being cut off from the services provided! This really astonishes me! Surely someone in these companies must realise if there is no tourism there is no business. THAT means for them also surely? If anyone would like to analyse this please do. Providing these services these companies also depend on tourism and if there is no tourism, they also have no business! THEY must share the burden of the small businesses! If they cut off power to these businesses surely, they are also RESPONSIBLE for the TOTAL collapse of Ronda and the villages.

Whatever hope there is left for people then I can only say I despise this kind of politics and pressurizing the already crippled business people. It is vicious and cruel! I am no expert on these issues but what scares me most is they are doing it and no one is stopping it. Surely the government have to take steps to regulate these things in crises? Maybe they are, but I doubt it.

I apologise, I could probably write a book about the last months since March but I am still trying to find any sense or logic in it all. I hope and pray for everyone.

Ronald Watt

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