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Jimera de Líbar

Pharmacist: Laura Roman Ramos At the pharmacy in  Jimera de Libar you’ll find everything you need… for infants, children, seniors and even your pets! Any prescription items that are not in stock in the morning can usually be ordered for…

Pharmacist Isicio Henares Villoria. Opposite the healthcare centre, you will find the pharmacy to get your prescriptions and other pharmaceutical products.

Pharmacist: Maria Dolores Alcalá Moro

Pharmacist: Manuel Jiménez Conde

Pharmacist: Nuria Tenllado Rivera.

Pharmacist: Manuel Sánchez Astorga

Pharmacist: Manuel Gálvez Humanes

Pharmacist: Patricia Guzmán Fernández

Pharmacist: Ana Fernández García

Cortes de la Frontera

Pharmacist: Salvador Ruiz Tenllado You can always check a 24-hour pharmacy on the link

Pharmacist: Enrique Castillo Pajares

Pharmacist: María Zafra González

Pharmacist: Esteban González Gálvez

Pharmacist: Victor Manuel Calderón Martos

Pharmacist: Jose María González Rodríguez

Pharmacist: Pilar Tabuyo Enriquez

The existing hospital on the El Burgo road will eventually be replaced by the new facility being constructed just off the San Pedro road. It is expected that building work will be finished in 2016 – but a date has not yet been set for the…

At the Algatocin Health Centre there is also an emergency department for the population of Benarrabá, Jubrique, Genalguacil, Benadalid, Benalauria, Gaucín, El Colmenar and Algatocin after the normal hours of their centres.