British Embassy in Madrid updates driving advice during COVID-19 de-escalation phases in Spain

British Embassy in Madrid updates driving advice during COVID-19 de-escalation phases in Spain

Writing on their Brits in Spain Facebook page the British Embassy in Madrid has updated their information as Spain moves out of lockdown and through the four-phase de-escalation plan.

They write, “As regions move through the four-stage de-escalation plan, we’re seeing an easing of some of the mobility and confinement measures. Parts of Spain are progressing through the stages at different speeds, so the rules around mobility may vary from one region to the next depending on the phase your region is in. If you’re not sure which phase you are currently in see this map (applicable from May 25, 2020) and refer to your local authorities for guidance on the specific measures where you are.

“Rules around vehicle occupancy have changed. Now, those who live under the same roof can travel together in the same vehicle, occupying all of the seats and without having to wear a mask. In the case of those who do not live together, two people are allowed to travel in each row of seats, as long as they use a mask and respect the maximum distance possible between occupants. Be aware that if your region is in phase 0, travel by car remains restricted to essential journeys only, such as travelling to your place of employment. However, if you are in Phase 1 or 2, travel within your province is permitted, so you could for example, drive a friend or relative to the airport or train station, providing that your destination is in the same province and is also in, at least, Phase 1.

“This change also applies to taxis with up to nine seats: if all passengers live in the same residence they can occupy all seats with the exception of the front-passenger seat. If passengers do not live together, two people may travel in each row of seats. This means that a couple, a family or group of friends can now travel to or from the airport together in the same taxi or private vehicle. The use of masks is mandatory in taxis.

“Regardless of phase, cross-regional travel is only permitted for exceptional and justifiable instances (e.g. travel to work, care for a dependent etc.), and while this may change, it is not contemplated in the de-escalation plan until all regions reach the ‘the new normal’ phase (see…/Pa…/2020/20200428council.aspx). However, if you are returning to your country of residence and can show evidence of your onward travel, you would be exempt from this rule and able to travel from one region to the next to return home. See…/spain/return-to-the-uk for further information.

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