Today, Benarraba is a bustling village which makes its living from woodcutting, agriculture and cattle farming, as well as enjoying deserved renown for its hand-made pork products. In response to the ever-increasing demand for mountain holidays and the peace and quiet to be found in spots populated with chestnuts, pines, cork oaks and gall oaks, the village has opened the Banu Rabah rural hotel, located in a privileged position overlooking the Genal Valley.

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A bar and restaurant with a tradition from its roots. From 1933 until now, three generations of the same family have run the Bar Restaurante Barroso. In 1933 there was Sebastian Jarillo Lobo and Antonia Gil Delgado and his asadura de chivo en salsa,…

AIL (Agente de Innovación Local): Curro Jiménez

Pharmacist: Patricia Guzmán Fernández

The Mayor of Benarrabá is Silvestre Barroso Jarillo.

Feria San Miguel, Benarrabá

Hotel Banu Rabbah, Benarrabá

Venta Solera is a cozy mountain restaurant located in the Genal Valley, specialising game meat such as wild boar and venison.