With an area of only 9 square kilometres, Arriate is the smallest municipal district in the province of Málaga, surrounded on all sides by land belonging to one of the largest - Ronda. Enter it from any direction, and it appears to be a sleepy rural village waiting, with no sense of urgency, for its grass to grow and its paint to dry. Then, abracadabra! A corner is turned and the visitor is suddenly thrown into the sophisticated high street of a chic and bustling small town, full of high-class stores selling quality goods, and crowds who obviously have money enough to buy them.

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Pharmacist: Manuel Jiménez Conde

Welcome to the Arriadh Boutique Hotel. The hotel is situated in the heart of the old Andalusia amongst rugged mountain peaks. Your hosts Wilbert and John will welcome you and make sure your stay will be memorable. The Arriadh Hotel is the perfect…

The vineyard is situated in the mountainous region of Serranía de Ronda, on a high plain (approx.780m) that dominates the valley and features the village of Arriate in the background. It enjoys a very good climate: high temperatures and with a great…

Lovely country house with stunning views and perfect location. Only 3 km from Ronda. Sleeps up to 14 people.

The Mayor of this pretty village near Ronda is Melchor Conde Marín.

Seven seats – including driver