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AIL (Agente de Innovación Local): Joaquín Márquez

AIL (Agente de Innovación Local): Maria Ángeles Domínguez

AIL (Agente de Innovación Local): Mariana Rodríguez

AIL (Agente de Innovación Local): Francisco Martín

AIL (Agente de Innovación Local): Natalia Fernández

AIL (Agente de Innovación Local): Javier Gallego

AIL (Agente de Innovación Local): Carlos Rosado

AIL (Agente de Innovación Local): Mariana Mena

Our adventure activities take place in some of the  most exciting environments that you can imagine across the Serrania de Ronda. Among our main activities you can enjoy with maximum safety: Canyoning, kayaking, via ferrata, hiking, climbing,…

We organise trail rides and groundwork workshops that offer the chance to learn new skills and experience the stunning scenery and wildlife of the Serrania de Ronda onboard one of our barefoot and bitless team. The fees charged help to support the…

Active tourism and adventure business in Ronda registered with the tourism department of the Junta de Andalucía number AT/MA00224.

Pujerra, in the Genal valley, is home to a fascinating museum that celebrates the area’s fame as a producer of chestnuts and also gives an insight into how the people of the area used to live in the 19th century. The exhibits are spread over three…

The castle offers a 360 degree view of the area, with a splendid vista of Serranía de Ronda and the Campo de Gibraltar. Ancient Iberian ceramics have been found in the castle’s water deposit. Though the Romans were the first to put a castle on…

The crystal clear water that forms the Genal river appears in torrents from the depths of a beautiful hollow on the outskirts of Igualeja. The water cascades down a series of waterfalls and past a cafe restaurant that is open all year round.…

Seven seats – including driver

Municipal swimming pool, renovated in 2009.

Piscina municipal, Serrato