La Donaira luxury eco retreat reopens on July 1 with cycle of flamenco and classical concerts for summer nights

La Donaira luxury eco retreat reopens on July 1 with cycle of flamenco and classical concerts for summer nights

La Donaira, a luxury eco retreat, organic farm and equestrian centre 30 minutes away from Ronda, reopens its doors on July 1, complying with all security protocols and with several flamenco and classical concerts scheduled for guests and everyone who wants to attend, until the recommended capacity is reached.

The tourist and cultural activity that characterizes it on summer nights returns to the 700-hectare farm surrounded by nature. For this year, the artists Diego Amador (flamenco singing and piano) and Nazaret Reyes (flamenco dance from Jerez de la Frontera) will perform at La Donaira on July 11 and August 15. The classical music concerts will include pianist Julien Brocal (July 24 and 25) and violinist Rosanne Philippens (July 31 and August 1).

Due to the COVID-19, all the sanitary protocols recommended by the authorities have been adopted to guarantee safety during guests stay and the concerts that will take place. The farm is completely ecological, so disinfectants that have a less aggressive impact on health and the environment are being applied, since La Donaira’s philosophy is based on the connection of people with nature and the environment. The objective is to find the right balance so that social distancing does not become isolation, while respecting the measures of the World Health Organization and the Government of Spain.

La Donaira believes that reconnection with nature is more necessary than ever and it will continue to be the focus of our project. Therefore, the concerts have been created to strengthen that link and will take place in the heart of nature at ten at night.

On July 11, Diego Amador, called “The Gypsy Ray Charles”, will be the star of the opening with a concert of piano and flamenco singing outside the farmhouse. On July 24 and 25, Rosanne Philippens with sextet will perform the Verklaerte Nacht by the famous Austrian composer Arnold Schoenberg. The violinist’s concerts are part of a musical journey, from Bach to Schoenberg, a journey from the baroque through the romantic to the modern period.

Julien Brocal, winner of the BBC Music Magazine’s Newcomer of the Year Award 2018, returns to the estate on July 31 and August 1 to delight in Chopin’s Concert 1. Both nights have a mixed framework program of classic and romantic literature, an opportunity to listen to Chopin in the highlands of the Serranía de Ronda. And on August 15, as a finishing touch, Nazaret Reyes, flamenco dancer from Morón de la Frontera, daughter of the legendary Juan Amaya, will be with her team and a new show where she will highlight her wild and pure flamenco dance.


Tickets are 30€ including drinks and transport from La Posada (Calle La Fuentes, 49), El Gastor. Tickets can be paid for at La Posada on the day, but due to limited availability, it is recommended to book in advance sending an email to [email protected] or by calling (+34) 680 654 454.

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