Brittany Ferries announce staggered resumption of passenger services between UK and Spain from next week

Brittany Ferries announce staggered resumption of passenger services between UK and Spain from next week

The CEO of Brittany Ferries, Christophe Mathieu, has confirmed the company’s plans for a staggered resumption of passenger services, beginning as early as next Monday, June 29. The company has also issued a new 12-point guide to sailing safely this summer outlining all the practical steps you need to know as well as the main measures they have taken to help protect you.

He said, “After weeks of scenario planning and closely following what is happening with travel restrictions in all markets, I am pleased to confirm our plans for a staggered resumption of passenger services, beginning as early as next Monday, 29 June.

“We can’t be 100 per cent sure, but governments still seem to be converging on this timeframe in all our markets, allowing for a resumption of international travel and tourism and an end (we hope) to frustrating quarantine measures.

“This is good news and something I, and I’m sure many of you, have been waiting for.

“Sadly, however, I have to repeat we will not be able to resume all services, and we won’t be able to keep passenger capacities at pre-COVID 19 levels. As I have mentioned in previous bulletins, this will be a staggered return to service.

“It will also be a different Brittany Ferries experience onboard and I draw your attention to the 12-point guide to sailing safely with us this summer which outlines many of the measures to which I have already alluded to as part of our Together & Protected campaign.

“These include things like capacity restrictions on board, staggered embarkation and disembarkation, the requirement for a cabin (or very limited reserved seats on some day sailings). Plus of course the measures you would expect onboard like intensified cleaning, social distancing and clear advice and guidance for all travellers whilst on board.

“Although things will be different, I can assure you we will do all we can to make the experience a joyful one. And, of course, our beautiful destinations await on the other side.

“Some sailings will operate from next week and some won’t.

“In all, five ships will carry passengers when services resume from next Monday, 29 June. A further three ships covering four routes will re-open to passengers in July. The following table confirms ships, routes and re-opening dates for passenger services:

Ship Route Date Departure port & Time
Mont St Michel Portsmouth – Caen 29 June Caen 08:30
Cap Finistère Portsmouth – Bilbao 29 June Portsmouth 00:30
Armorique Plymouth – Roscoff 29 June Roscoff 15:00
Pont-Aven Portsmouth – Santander 30 June Portsmouth 17:45
Plymouth – Roscoff 2 July Plymouth 20:45
Cork – Roscoff 3 July Roscoff 20:30
Plymouth – Santander 5 July Plymouth 16:45
Kerry Rosslare – Roscoff 29 June Rosslare 23:30
Rosslare – Bilbao 1 July Rosslare 11:00

Three more ships will resume passenger services in July:

Ship Route Date Departure port & Time
Normandie Portsmouth – Caen 12 July Caen 23:00
Bretagne Portsmouth – St Malo 17 July St Malo 10:30
Connemara* Portsmouth – Cherbourg (Thurs – Sun) 10 July Portsmouth 09:00
Portsmouth – Le Havre (Mon – Weds) 12 July Portsmouth 23:45


“With regret and following careful consideration, I can confirm the decision not to operate the following three ships this summer. This is due to a combination of unpredictable demand on these services and shortage of available cabins, based on ship configuration.

Ship Route affected
Etretat Portsmouth – Le Havre**
Barfleur Poole – Cherbourg
Normandie Express Portsmouth – Cherbourg**

** Please see first table above and note: Connemara will serve Portsmouth – Le Havre and Portsmouth – Cherbourg routes this summer.

“Please accept my apologies in advance if these changes affect your summer plans. We will, of course, be in touch if your sailing is affected, to find a suitable alternative. But remember, if you do not hear otherwise, your sailing with Brittany Ferries this summer is taking place.

Making contact

“Once again, I would like to apologise for the difficulties you have experienced making contact with us in the last few weeks. Please do bear with us. I am genuinely sorry; it’s not the Brittany Ferries experience you rightly expect. Please also be reassured: if we are forced to amend or cancel your sailing we will be in contact with you as soon as we know. And we will do everything we can to offer an alternative.

“This virus will not define our future. Nor will it defeat us. But perhaps it will make us appreciate the beautiful things each of our destinations has to offer even more than we have in the past.

“I can’t tell you how much we look forward to welcoming you back on board, whether you are looking forward to discovering the best of France, Spain, Ireland or the United Kingdom.

“This is the end of a difficult period and, I hope, the start of a bright summer. We’ve missed you all and look forward to welcoming you and your families back on board in just a few days.

“Stay safe and see you soon.”

Christophe Mathieu

CEO Brittany Ferries

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